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Tasha Belix, MA

Registered Psychologist Tasha Belix, EMDR Therapist

Tasha is a Registered Psychologist who has been supporting girls to reach their full potential for over 20 years.  Her career has crossed a variety of child and adolescent mental health settings, such as working with street youth, the foster care system, domestic violence, youth addictions and at-risk young parents and their children and as Community Educator for Juno House.  Tasha Belix currently runs a thriving private practice that specializes in girls 8 to 15 years old, helping them and their families with internalizing disorders. Often called “The Feelings Expert”, Tasha works as a consultant to Strathcona Tweedsmuir School and Fast and Female.

Tasha Belix, Therapies

Tasha has earned a BA in Psychology from the University of British Columbia and a MA in Counselling Psychology from the University of Chicago.  Tasha’s philosophy flows from Adlerian Therapy, Play Therapy, Emotion-Focused Family Therapy and current research in brain development.  She has additional training in the expressive arts, EMDR and Motivational Interviewing, and Emotional Freedom Techniques (tapping). Tasha is a strong proponent of group therapy and believes wholeheartedly in the cost-effectiveness and incredible growth that can be ignited when one’s experience is normalized in a safe group setting.  In 2014, Tasha created a series of interactive learning modules to be delivered in a group setting under the name, B’Tween Girls.  These are designed for girls and the important people in their world to develop a deeper sense of their inner strengths and to build stronger relationships.

From Tasha’s own experience of living in a home with a mentally ill sibling, she knows first-hand the profound impact that mental health issues can have on the whole family.  All of Tasha’s educational, work and personal experiences have fueled her passion to support girls and their families, where anger, depression, anxiety, self-harm, OCD behaviours and self-esteem symptoms have developed. Tasha’s clients and group participants have told her that empathy, energy and humour give her a unique ability to connect in an authentic and motivating way. Tasha is a Mom to three spicy girls and is full of gratitude to Lionheart for supporting her life’s work.

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