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Our Stories

Since its inception, Lionheart Foundation has provided support for treatment to families in financial need, as well as capacity building to expand the knowledge and availability of therapists in the Calgary area.

While we are incredibly proud of what the Foundation has accomplished, we are even more proud of the courage, commitment and fearlessness of adolescent girls, young women and their families who are tackling mental health challenges and working to build healthy lives and relationships.

Below are some of their stories.

Board Member Story

Listen to this clip from the 2018 Girl Power Hour luncheon where Greg Heath shares his family’s powerful story about overcoming anxiety and how their experience drives his work on the Lionheart Foundation board

Stories from Adolescents

Hear Grace’s story about accessing help and support from Lionheart Foundation for her mental health struggles.

Stories from Parents

Listen to one mother’s story about her daughter’s struggle with an anxiety-based disorder, and about how accessing Lionheart Foundation’s assistance helped.

“We have been fortunate to have the support of Juno Foundation (now Lionheart Foundation) for the last couple of years. It has allowed us to maximize the coverage we have through company benefits, and has allowed our daughters to have the number of sessions they need. We recently took a nutrition course that was also subsidized by the Foundation.”
Tracey Doolan

Stories from Health Care Practitioners

Subsidies from the Foundation enabled this therapeutic partner to provide help and hope for her patients:

“Many of my patients over the last decade have benefited greatly from your expertise and compassion. As a family practitioner, to be able to offer hope to my patients and their families through your program at Juno House (now Lionheart Foundation) has been of huge benefit to all involved.  Also your willingness to provide compassionate care on an as needed basis has allowed those whose financial constraints would otherwise preclude them from the help so desperately needed.  For that, I thank you very much.”
Dr. Jill Teschke, MD. LMCC, CCFP

Between 2011 and 2017, Lionheart Foundation provided $1.37 million in funding and programming and helped over 300 families in need of support.