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How We Help

Today, adolescent mental health remains an area of increasing need but one that is still highly disjointed and under-resourced. According to Statistics Canada, young people aged 15-24 experience the highest incidence of mental disorders of any age group in Canada and recent studies report that suicide is now the leading cause of death for children aged 10 to 14

We have an opportunity – and a responsibility – to address this issue.

Lionheart’s mission is to facilitate comprehensive access to best-in-class mental health supports for children, adolescents and their families experiencing anxiety-based mental health challenges. We do this through building awareness, education and therapeutic capacity to address anxiety-based mental health needs in our community and through the provision of financial subsidies for treatment.

Mental Health Support

Get connected with immediate crisis and/or long-term mental health support.



Lionheart Foundation provides financial support for treatment for adolescent girls, young women and their families for anxiety-related issues.


Helpful Resources

Our regularly updated list of helpful resources includes books, apps and online resources for parents, kids, professionals, and those looking to gain a better understanding of mental health.


Community Capacity Building

Lionheart Foundation works to improve and increase community capacity to support adolescents and families struggling with anxiety-related disorders.


Because of media portrayals, eating disorders are often misunderstood as vanity issues. In reality, they are some of the strongest neurobiologically based brain illnesses, with very similar neurobiological underpinnings to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and addictions.