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About Us

What is Lionheart Foundation all about?

Lionheart’s mission is to facilitate comprehensive access to best-in-class mental health supports for children, adolescents and their families experiencing anxiety-based mental health challenges.

We exist because of the unfortunate reality that not all young people have access to timely, professional, local mental health care when they need it. We do this through building awareness, education and therapeutic capacity, and also through the provision of financial subsidies to those for whom cost or limited coverage is a barrier to treatment.

Lionheart Foundation partner therapists treat internalizing anxiety-based conditions that are in the mild to moderate rangeThe distinction between internalizing and externalizing disorders is important in determining fit for services with the Lionheart Foundation. The expertise of our partner therapists lies in these areas: generalized anxiety, panic disorders, disordered eating and eating disorders, mild to moderate mood disorders, and mild to moderate trauma.

If you or someone you love is struggling with anxiety-based mental health challenges in the mild to moderate range, Lionheart can help. Fill out our Inquiry Form online now.

You are not alone! Success rates with our proven approaches to therapy are high and treatment can help you thrive again.