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Impact Report

Lionheart Foundation is proud of the work accomplished in 2019 and is extremely grateful to the donors and sponsors whose contributions went towards funding the following activities:

Anxiety-Based Mental Health Services

  • 1,356.50 hours of therapy and nutrition counselling provided to adolescent girls and their families
  • $212,986 spent on therapy and nutrition counselling
  • Mental health treatment provided to 91unique individuals

Mental Health Community Capacity Building

Community Education Workshops:

  • 1 Therapist Training on Ego State Interventions with Robin Shapiro
  • 1 Community Symposium on Eating Disorders

Therapist Training:

  • 5 Clinical Consultations with Robin Shapiro were provided to Lionheart’s Network of Therapists

Total Charitable Activity from 2011 – 2019

Since 2011, Lionheart Foundation has invested your donor dollars into our key charitable activities.  This has resulted in over $1.76 million going directly to building strong mental health in our clients and their families.

2019 – $212,986
2018 – $177,052
2017 – $163,569
2016 – $303,619
2015 – $328,660
2014 – $224,087
2013 – $178,810
2012 – $154,667
2011 – $125,375
TOTAL – $1,370,133

Testimonial from the United Way

“Lionheart Foundation (formerly Juno Foundation) has grown and matured into an organization that fills a void of unmet need in our City, dare I say province and country, through a unique and successful counselling approach for young women and their families suffering with eating disorders and the traumatic side effects. In addition, they have ensured financial support to those who are unable to pay to access this support. Not only is there a waiting list of young people needing this service, there is also a lack of fully trained counsellors and therapists in this approach.”

Ruth Ramsden-Wood
Former CEO, United Way of Calgary and Area

As our capacity grows, so does the number of families that Lionheart Foundation can support.