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Lionheart Foundation
Lionheart Foundation provides financial subsidies to adolescent girls, young women and their families so they can gain access to community-based mental health therapists with proven track records helping clients overcome issues or disorders related to anxiety, trauma/attachment, eating, mood and development.

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As an organization dedicated to mental health and well-being, Lionheart Foundation recognizes that trauma, anxiety and stress can be made worse by the fear caused by the Covid-19 virus.  We are here to help and we encourage any young person experiencing challenges to reach out. Contact us at and we will respond to you within 24 hours.

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Mental Health challenges are some of the most significant issues facing young girls today.
Mental Health challenges are some of the most significant issues facing young girls today.

Mental health issues are common in young people, but they are highly treatable and can be overcome. Lionheart Foundation provides subsidies and funding for proven and successful therapy, counselling and therapeutic services for adolescents and their families.

Lionheart Foundation connects mental health practitioners with adolescents and their families who need help overcoming anxiety-related disorders.  We also provide training, workshops and research resources, all focused on our successful and proven therapeutic methodologies.

Lionheart Foundation is committed helping young girls in their understanding and recovery, so we invest in and work closely with top researchers and academics to advance the body of knowledge and to share best practices in the area of adolescent mental health issues.

Groups who work with young people play a crucial role in identifying and supporting those who are experiencing anxiety-related issues. We partner with these organizations by providing mental health awareness training and other educational opportunities.

2019 Girl Power Hour Luncheon

The 2019 Girl Power Hour was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who attended, as well as our sponsors and donors whose generosity enables Lionheart Foundation to continue to provide help and hope for adolescent girls, young women and their families!

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We need your help

As a Foundation, we are proud of what we have accomplished. But we want to do more – and we know more needs to be done.

In Calgary and the surrounding areas, adolescent mental health care remains disjointed and under-resourced. As a Foundation, we want to help address these gaps.

Big or small, your donation will empower adolescent girls and young women in the Calgary area to live healthy, productive lives.

Putting Donor Dollars To Work

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Supporters and donors are critical to our success. Your help brings hope and it returns bright young people to a path of success.