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Dr. Raechelle Paperny, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist

Dr. Raechelle Paperny is a Calgary-based psychologist. For the past 30 years she has worked in the field as a researcher, university professor, consultant, speaker, and therapist. Her private practice focuses on boosting emotional resiliency in individuals and strengthening family relationships.

Dr. Raechelle Paperny Expertise

Her expertise in the fields of attachment, interpersonal-neurobiology, and developmental psychology has laid the foundation for her guiding principles: Connection to others is key to human survival and mental wellness; Relationships shape our brains, bodies, sense of “self” & “other”, as well as our patterns of emotional regulation; History is not destiny, we all hold the capacity to change, adapt & grow towards wellness.

Dr. Raechelle creates a therapeutic atmosphere that emphasizes safety, acceptance, understanding, and authenticity as she accompanies her clients on their paths towards well-being and wholeness. Her clinical approach is relational and holistic. Rather than working with a singular protocol or method, she works intuitively, selecting from a diverse toolbox of modalities to best meet the individual needs of her clients. She is trained in and employs EMDR, EFFT, CBT, interpersonal neurobiology, as well as somatic-based models that integrate mind-body connection (Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapy, Polyvagal-informed approach, and meditation & mindfulness techniques).

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She has witnessed time and again the self-righting nature we all possess to re-wire our brains toward health. This capacity provides a foundation of hope that continues to inspire her work.

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