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Emily Shaffer, R. Psych

Emily Shaffer began her journey over 20 years ago working at a youth crisis shelter, fresh from earning her first degree at university. She had no idea it would bring her to where she’s at today – being a therapist and loving what she does. In that time, Emily has worked with a number of different programs, agencies, schools and other environments where she continued to learn and grow, enriching her integrated approach to working with clients. Today she has a thriving private practice shared with one of her life-long friends and is so pleased to partner with Lionheart to bring support to those who might otherwise struggle to access therapy.

Emily Shaffer, Therapies

Always seeking moments of levity in the often heavy process of therapy, Emily weaves in humour and deep compassion when listening to people’s stories, validating and helping to navigate through to the other side. Sometimes Emily teaches skills and tools to manage the mind, body and heart; other times sessions need to dig deep and get mucky in order to explore old patterns or events to reframe them in a more balanced and nourishing way. Emily does not believe there is a single path to follow on a therapeutic voyage and instead sees it as vital to truly seek out and champion the unique and individual route for each person who walks through her door. By slowing down, incorporating various forms of mindfulness, EMDR (here), cognitive-behavioural therapy, interpersonal therapy, attachment theory, family systems theory, and ultimately looking to the glorious brain science behind it all, Emily believes that with hard work, growth and healing are waiting to flourish.

Having two young teenagers herself, Emily feeds her soul by being in outdoors and dragging her kids to the mountains as much as possible!

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