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Just Breathe

With the school year back in swing and the seemingly endless list of things to worry about this year, remember to take a minute to turn your attention inward and give yourself some much-needed comfort.

A moment of relaxation breathing hardly takes any time at all and may have the beneficial effect of calming some of those alarm bells in your head. (Is it safe to send my kids to school?!  How will my son/daughter succeed at wearing a mask all day?!  What will I do about work if my child gets sick and must stay home?!  Will other parents encourage mask use?!  How will the kids have PE class?!)

Try this:

Breathe in for four seconds and out completely for six seconds.  Repeat this five times.

Check in with yourself to see how you feel.  Remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can.

Repeat as many times or as often as you need!

The research around relaxation breathing tells us that just a short moment taken out of one’s day can mean that we are more successful at work, parenting and the many other responsibilities that we have.  Our relationships will benefit from this simple exercise too!

Remember, just breathe.


– Teresa Winfield MSW, RCSW,
Lionheart Foundation Clinical Director