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Access Mental Health Therapy

Lionheart Foundation provides therapy and related supports for adolescents experiencing anxiety-related issues and their families, as well as financial subsidies for those requiring assistance with treatment expenses.

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About our Subsidy Program

To be eligible for subsidy funding, applicants must be between the ages of 8 and 28.

Lionheart Foundations considers the social and economic barriers and other factors facing families who apply for subsidies when assessing both the financial and therapeutic need of applicants. The amount of subsidy provided is determined by the financial need of the applicant and can range from $10-180/hour. Please note therapeutic services received prior to approval are not eligible for funding.

Treatment is delivered by experienced therapists who partner with the Foundation to offer best-in-class treatment options. About our Partnering Therapists

To apply for a subsidy, please fill out the form below. Applicants are typically contacted within a few days of submitting an application; the subsequent approval process may take up to two weeks.

Treatment Intake Form

At Lionheart Foundation, we believe that therapeutic supports should be accessible to everyone who needs them, regardless of income or financial barriers.

Please fill out and submit the following form to help us connect you with the best and most appropriate mental health treatment.

Everyone needs help at some point in their lives – Lionheart Foundation is here for you and your family!