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Talia Zink, MSW, RSW

Talia specializes in clinical counselling with youth, young adults, and families and has been passionate about working with these populations for over ten years. Prior to starting her clinical practice, Talia worked in a number of human services positions both locally and abroad. Once settled in Calgary, she completed her Masters in Clinical Social Work and additional training in the areas of trauma, family conflict, at-risk youth and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Further driving her therapeutic work is Talia’s focus on family systems theory, the latest research in brain development and the neurobiology of early attachment-related issues. In addition to her clinical work, she also deeply enjoys the opportunities she has had to present and share her knowledge at various educational institutions and conferences.

Talia Zink, Practice and Therapy

After working as a therapist in a range of settings including hospitals, schools, correctional facilities, and in the broader community, Talia started a private practice in 2010. Talia is passionate about supporting girls and young women to overcome the incredible challenges often associated with adolescence and early adulthood.

She believes the young women she works with are the authorities of their own lives and strives to ensure they truly feel seen and understood before addressing the roots of the issues they face. Talia supports youth to access their inherent ability to re-wire their brain so they can achieve maximum wellness. She often engages parents in therapeutic work, believing that their involvement can result in both faster and more sustainable benefits for the entire family.

Talia is honoured to be connected with the Lionheart Foundation and the incredible work it does to improve the access of adolescents to mental health resources.

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