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Parents and Adolescents

How We Help

Adolescent mental health issues are common and are not something to be embarrassed about. One in three young people will suffer from an anxiety-related issue at some point in their lives.  The good news is that these issues are highly treatable and can be overcome.

Lionheart Foundation offers hope and help by providing best-in-class therapy, irrespective of financial resources. This is done through subsidies for treatment from our qualified mental health practitioners who use our evidence-based therapeutic methodologies when providing treatment.

The Foundation also provides free online resources about adolescent anxiety including research, best practices and shared learning, as well as access to workshops and training for families.

Subsidies and Financial Support

Apply for a subsidy and read more about our subsidy program, including Frequently Asked Questions.

Expert Panel Discussion

Listen to this panel of experts discuss technology and its impact on the mental health and well being of young people.


Hear Grace’s story about accessing help and support from Lionheart Foundation for her mental health struggles.

Listen to one mother’s story about her daughter’s struggle with an anxiety-based disorder, and about how accessing Lionheart Foundation’s assistance helped.

Stay tuned to hear from more  young people and their parents who have benefitted from Lionheart Foundation services.

Upcoming Events

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Research Resources for Adolescents & Their Parents

Please check back for research resources.

You are not alone! Success rates with our proven approaches to therapy are high and treatment can help you thrive again.