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Community Capacity Building

At present, the mental health needs of our community far exceed system capacity; the result, unacceptably, is that many adolescents struggling with mental health issues fall through the cracks. Lionheart Foundation works to improve and increase community capacity to support adolescents and families struggling with anxiety-related disorders.

Lionheart invests in building capacity to ensure partnering practitioners are trained in proven, emerging and evidence-based practice methods. Among our network of therapists, we provide training, workshops, and research resources focused on our successful and proven therapeutic methodologies.

Lionheart also hosts community-wide clinical education and awareness building events for community practitioners in the areas of adolescent mental health such as eating disorders and trauma-informed practices.

Our earnest hope is that when a young person makes the decision to reach out for help, they can be confident that the resources and treatment options they need will be there for them.